Have a great weekend everybody!  I hope I have a better weekend at work than I did last weekend.  My numero uno boss was being a pretty big weiny most of the weekend and it really ticked me off.  Seriously, if he doesn’t want to make good on his end of a bet then he shouldn’t have made the bet in the first place right?  He bet one of my co-workers and I that if we got a certain amount of our wave done before lunch he would buy us lunch.  We both completed the task (I had to do extra work cause they sent someone over to our wave and they did one of my aisles) and when we went to collect he wasn’t gonna make good on it.  I seriously HATE it when my boss counts me out before I have a chance to even make a dent in what I’m doing!




May 16, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.

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