I’m adding new blogs…

If you’ve checked out my blogroll you’ve noticed that there are a couple new links that weren’t on my old blogroll.  As I’ve been reading the blogs that I check out on a regular basis I have been finding these “interesting finds” so now that I’m moving over here to wordpress, I’m going to be adding some of them to my blogroll.  Enjoy!

 P.S. I’m still working on getting the blogs that are in my old blogroll moved over….Just need a few more hours in the day to get things done in.


May 19, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Rusty replied:

    Hi! i see that you are coming over to WordPress. I hope it works for you! sorry to hear that you have been ill. Hope you are much better now!


  2. Around The Funny Farm replied:

    I really like WordPress. I think you’ll find it pretty easy.

  3. Gina replied:

    I like WordPress so much better than Blogger. Didn’t you have a different theme when you first moved over here or am I going bonkers from reading too many blogs? 🙂

  4. bumpsintheroad replied:

    No I did have a different theme…I thought it was too dark though so I changed it.

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