I know it’s wordless thursday but…..

I really need some advice.  We are having trouble with our dog Laci having “accidents” in the house.  More specifically on our living room carpet.  We’ve had issues with our other dog having “accidents” in this room also but have used a enzymatic odor/carpet cleaner numerous times to help with the issue.  I’ve been doing some research on the net and we’ve already been doing pretty much everything that has come up in my searches.  I went and I got some piddle pads today and we’re going to see if that works.  It’s gotten to the point that her even staying in our family has been threatened….I don’t know how serious the threat was but it definately wasn’t cool.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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  1. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    (How old is your Laci?) Cleaners don’t always get the “smell” out. To us it seems gone, but to a dog their sense of smell is so much greater, she could be still smelling it. Female dogs will “mark” their territory too! Also do you leave water out all day? if you do, don’t. Dogs, especially puppies will need to go potty as often as they drink. If they drink water constantly they will have to potty constantly. It’s the same with food, you need to put them on a schedule. Feed once in the morning, once in the evening. After each feeding let them out. My dogs will go within 20 mins after eating. I put my water outside, that way when they get thirsty, they know it is outside, they will go to the door after awhile. Let them out, let them drink and the same thing, wait for them to potty. When they do potty, praise them alot. You can give her a treat, (small not to big.) she will associate going potty outside to treats! It is all about a schedule. Untill they understand outside is for going potty! Also I know this sounds crazy, but when you feed her, put her food bowl where she has been going potty! Dogs won’t usually potty where they eat. Good Luck!

  2. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    Ok !! I just saw a photo of Laci! She is a pretty Blonde!
    I asked how old she was, because if she is an older dog, sometimes they have a hard time controling their bladder, just like people! I can’t tell how old she is but she is not a little puppy! If this just started, I would take her to the vet, to see if it is due to her age? I’m not too sure what they suggest for that? Doggie Diapers?

  3. bumpsintheroad replied:

    She’s 5. We’re gonna have to try your advice and see if things get better. I hope they do, she just a sweety except for this one “tiny” problem.

  4. Holly replied:

    have you had the vet test for a UTI? Bladder stones are also a concern for me, my oldest Corgi began having accidents and it was due to her bladder being FULL of stones. This is the .first. place I’d start, catching a clean sample is a cheap place to start and if she does have a UTI, it is easily managed/treated. After that, if this is an older dog, you might discuss other meds that are available for urinary incontience.

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