Name 4 jobs you have had-Kennel Worker, Photographer, Cashier, Retail Stocking

Name 4 ways you know you are living your life with purpose-I am happy. I am busy. I like to share my knowledge. I know how to love.

Name 4 things you do to take really good care of yourself-I nap and have down time. Take my dogs out for walks. A little bit of exercise thrown in. Try to eat healthy foods.

What are the 4 events that have most formed how you live your life today-Babysitting in my youth. Attending school. Both of my injuries. Spending time with my friends.

What are 4 careers you have considered– Vetrinarian – pretty much anything that had to do with animals.

Name the 4 people that have been the most influential in your life-My mom. My dad. My brother. My grandparents
Name 4 foods you will NOT eat-lamb– Broccoli. Cauliflower. Swiss Cheese. Fish from a box.
Name 4 reasons you blog-To write. To keep in touch with family and friends and make new ones. To learn more about the world outside of my tiny little town.  To be creative.

June 7, 2008. Uncategorized.

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