The Great Flood Part 2

We got another round of really bad storms again yesterday.  It’s actually so bad around here in some areas that FEMA has been called in.  The next county over from us actually got about 4 inches of rain in approximately 20 minutes yesterday.  There were something like 22 tornado watches/warnings through three states.  Some of the damage totals for counties surrounding us are Waukesha County – $35 million, Vernon County – $5.5 million and in my county (Dane)  it’s expected to up over $5.6 million.

June 13, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. BrownEyedCowgirls replied:

    Holy Moly! The amount of rain certain places are getting this year is crazy.

  2. Rusty replied:

    I’m glad you are ok but it is awful for the people of your county.


  3. notthepromqueen replied:

    That really sucks – from time to time Houston has the same problem (ie: Allison, Katrina) but I guess it’s expected living 3rd coast. Hope the rain passes soon!

  4. Mercedes replied:

    Bless you! SO glad you are ok!

  5. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    Thinkin of you! Hope you are ok, and the bad weather passes!

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