In other news…..

My brother (Punk) and his fiancee (Punk Princess) are moving in with us for a month.  They are leaving a not so great situation for hopefully a much better situation. This means that yet again I have to share my bathroom and most of my stuff with them and for a year I haven’t had to share with anyone!  Should make for an interesting month for sure!

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  1. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    Good luck on that! It’s always an adjustment having other people around on a regular basis.

  2. Mercedes replied:

    I hope you survive!

  3. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    Oh what a Saint you are!! How kinda of you to offer a better place for them! Well, maybe they will help out around the homestead!! I know pretend they are your Butler and Cook!! He! He!
    I wonder why my brother stays at my other brothers house when they come for a visit? Hmmmm?

  4. BrownEyedCowgirls replied:

    At least it is a set time. The only time I have ever had problems with having extra people around is when they came “for a little while” and stayed until I had to tell them they had overstayed their welcome. That never ends well :(.
    But if you know they are only going to be there a month, have fun with it. Maybe they can take your mind off of work for awhile-hehehe.

  5. Gina replied:

    You can get through anything for a month. 🙂
    Maybe the dogs will enjoy having extra play buddies!

  6. momma/cowgirl replied:

    Family is family, it is great of you to open your home to them… I wish them the best.
    Changes can be a good thing and this is destiny, so go with the flow and make it good for all.
    take care!

  7. notthepromqueen replied:

    You’re a good sister! Even though I’d love to have my bro stay with me for a bit. I REALLY like my privacy and after a while, the little things would get on my nerves.

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