Need some more Laci advice….

I’ve mentioned Laci several times on both this version of my blog and my blogger version of my blog.  Well Laci shows classic signs of separation anxiety, I can’t go anywhere without her or she sides by the door and howls and cries until I come back.  We had the peeing on the carpet issue taken care of for awhile but it seems to be back again.  I think it’s to the point now that you have to go outside with her or she won’t go and then comes in the house and goes on the carpet.  I also think that she’s bored.  Pretty much we got a second dog to keep our old (and I do mean OLD…She’ll be 20 in november according to the vet) from getting to “sluggish” but now we have two “sluggish” dogs.  Does anybody out there have any idea’s of things for us to try to keep Laci from being so stressed out all the time?  At this point there are no bad suggestions.

June 24, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Mercedes replied:

    Not sure what to tell ya! 20 years old-OMGoodness-that is amazing!

  2. Around The Funny Farm replied:

    don’t know.. but wow! 20 years!! awesome!

  3. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    Awww, I am so sorry! Unfortunately, I have not dealt with this to quite this degree, so I am not sure of anything. I hope someone has some good suggestions, though!

  4. Gina replied:

    Are you walking her? That’s the main thing I guess. Just wear her out. What about one of those things where you put treats in it and she slowly gets it out? Let her smell something like a toy and then hide it. I just don’t know. Good luck honey.

  5. bumpsintheroad replied:

    Thanks everybody for your support and suggestions. Yup 20 is ANCIENT in dog years but I think we got a pretty good deal with this mix (Lab and Cocker Spaniel).

  6. momma/cowgirl replied:

    I dunno… I am at a loss. I did have a dog that seemed to get bored (she was left home alone during work hours). Maybe you need to get Laci into blogging… HahA

    good luck and take care!

  7. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    I had a JRT with the same “Symptoms” I would walk out the door and leave her inside. Wait a few min then come back in, then ignore her, I know it’s hard but it shows them that you aren’t going to love them right off. When she settles down ( at least 10 min)then pet her give her a treat. Then do what you normally do.Every day do this but make it longer every day. If you work, same thing ignore her when you first get home. Let her calm down, even walk off, then pet her. You have to teach them that its ok to be alone and it’s no big deal when you get home. Also my dog loved toys!, She liked the ones you put treats or peanutbutter in. She would work at getting the last bit of peanut butter out! Good luck, 20 yrs wow!

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