I was checking out one of my blogs that I frequent ( A Cowboy’s Wife) regularly and I found this post:  I’ve got some things that I need to think about and work on in the future.  I found these tips to be very informative and I’m hoping to get better about my commenting soon.

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  1. BrownEyedCowgirls replied:

    I am bad about commenting regularly in my comment section. Sometimes I do and sometimes I move on to the next post.

    But thanks for posting this-it never hurts to reaffirm good manners;).

  2. terri replied:

    Fussy definitely gives some great advice. I’m not very good at responding to comments. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read all the blogs and leave all the comments I want to, and THEN respond to comments on my blog too. Maybe that’s a sign I’m trying to read and comment on too many blogs. And then there’s work, family, etc. to think about too. I guess we all just do the best we can.

    In regards to someone else badmouthing Fussy, that’s just wrong. It seems so juvenile! The bloggers that I frequent are happy to see others pass on their ideas. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? And Fussy makes a good point. There are, what? 6 million blogs out there? We can’t all have completely unique and original ideas all the time.

  3. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    There are a few things I could be working on, too. One of them is the comment policy. This is about the third or fourth person to mention a comment policy, so maybe I really should give it a go.

    I love following up on comments…I am pretty good at responding, but there is no way I can possibly follow up to all the comments I leave….especially when people address or respond to comments in their own blog. There are very few blogs that I have actually gone back to the same post to see if anyone bothered to respond to my comment.

  4. Mercedes replied:

    I do comment on others’ blogs regularly. I am not so good at going back to others’ posts to see of there is a comment directed to mine. I do this on WordPress because we have the capabilities of reading our comments and seeing what others had to say. I used to respond to each and every comment on my blog-but since my beloved Patch passed away-I announced I wouldn’t do this anymore. I enjoyed that article and will be referring to it again. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    Thanks for stoppin by! I know! Some computers need a good swift kick out the door!!
    I was typing a new post last night, it started to lightning. The power went off! Ahhh lost everything! I unplugged it after that so I wouldn’t lose my whole computer! Have a great day, gotta go check out those pups!!

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