Beating a dead horse

Things at work right now are NOT going very well at all.  We went from being the best Overnight Stocking team in our district to being the “laughing stock”  of our district a little over a  month ago. Before then we were the champs for almost 2 straight months.  The next best store’s record was 12 days.  The morale is so bad right now that even our “have a positive additude” bosses are trying to figure out how to breathe life into our “dead horse” of a team.  We just can’t seem to get it together to finish the job off completely.  We’re a great team who takes great pride in our work but we’re going through a rough patch right now and nobody from the “higher ups” in our store seems to care.  It seems that their whole goal in life right now is to keep bringing us down.  But what do I know….I’m just a minion.

July 1, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    Awww, your ‘mojo’ will come back around!

    I got to very briefly try my hand at pricing today. I like staying busy!

  2. Gina replied:

    That hurts but as long as you are doing your job well (and I know you are) that’s the main thing.

  3. bumpsintheroad replied:

    I know everything will turn itself around sooner or later…..right now we’re hoping for sooner rather than later.

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