Repost ~ How my blog got it’s name

I live in the quinessential “yuppie hell”! I live in a neighborhood chock full of small children….Who like to scream really loud outside my window when I’m trying to get some sleep for work, soccer mom’s, Mini Vans, people who like to bring their ATV’s to mom’s house and ride them up and down the street in front of our house all afternoon long, etc. Basically in our neighborhood if you walk wrong down the street they’ll warn you once then they call the cops. If you own a dog your triple “screwed”, if they poo in a yard you better clean it up or the cops will be called, if you take them to the park and them run you’d better make sure that nobodies around cause god forbid they breath on somebodies 5 year old, if your dog happens to like to “vocalize” your allowed MAYBE one bark before the authorities are called. We’ve been here 13 years and it’s only gotten worse as more “yuppies” have moved into our neighborhood!

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  1. Mercedes replied:

    So how do the kids get to scream and the people get to ride four-wheelers down the road? Do they have connections?

  2. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    I can totally see that happening here. I live ‘out in the country’, but more and more yuppies are moving out here. My rural-ish town itself is becoming much more suburban, and the yuppies are building all sorts of new, fancy-schmancy subdivisions nearby. The value of my modular home has doubled in the four years we’ve lived here!

    However…I fear with more yuppies, comes more restrictions, more complaints, etc. My neighbors and I are getting along just fine as we are, so I hope this new and steady influx of yuppies doesn’t start causing trouble for us ‘country folk’.

    Heh, and people typically worry about delinquents and gangs causing trouble. I worry about richies and yuppies doing the same!

  3. bumpsintheroad replied:

    Nobody gets away with anything in our neighborhood….Not with the “yuppie patrol” in control!

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