Counting My Blessings Friday’s

The last two friday’s I’ve been having it be “Random Photo Friday” but I was reading on Terri’s blog about blessed1‘s challenge.  Basically, for the next few weeks and hopfully much longer after that even I’ll be posting what I’m thankful for for that week.  I invite you to check out blessed1’s blog and even join the challenge if you would like.

So without further adue here is what I’m thankful for this week.

1.  I am in the process of paying down on my current vehicle….a vehicle that I do not feel safe in (it’s left me on the side of the road a couple of times) and one that with the way gas prices are right now I really can’t even afford to put gas in it.  When I get it paid off I will be getting something smaller and more fuel efficient and this time I will be asking a ton of questions unlike last time.

2.  I am actually extremely thankful that my car battery is currently deader than a door nail.  It mean’s I can’t go anywhere and spend what little extra money I do have laying around on things I don’t need and I can put it in my savings towards a down payment on a new vehicle when the time comes.

3. I am extremely thankful for my blogging buddies.  You guys and gals really know how to turn a crappy day into a much better day.

4. I am thankful that Terri has been approved to do something so absolutely AMAZING for her dad.  I’m thinking about you Terri!

5. I am thankful that my brother, his fiancee and their other room mate Adam have found a new place to live.  There was a whole big drawn out drama going on for a little while on what was going to happen once their lease was up and I’m not going to go into anymore details but they finally found a place that they can afford and they too will have money left over to put towards doing fun things instead of staying home doing nothing.

6. I am extremely thankful that I live in this great country.  We have our “issues” but we’re still pretty great.  Happy 4th of July everybody!

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  1. territerri replied:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this one too! Your blessings this week seem to really have required you to look on the bright side. I’m glad your brother and friends have found a place to live too. Sounds like it would have been a real pain to have to share your space with them.

    And again, I really can’t thank you enough for your prayers for my dad and me. You rock!

  2. blessed1 replied:

    I’m glad the code worked! I loved loved loved your post. Thank you for doing this and I look forward to reading up on all the good things in your life. It’s funny how we can always find good in the midst of choas, huh?

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