The Simpson’s Game and Extreme Duck Hunter for Wii

I said a couple months ago that I would let you guys know what I thought about the two games that I had bought recently for my Wii.  I’ll be honest I’m lukewarm on The Simpson’s Game and I absolutely dislike everything about the duck hunter game. 

Duck Hunter –

1. Hard to navigate.

2. The graphics aren’t that great.

3. The instructions aren’t that great either.

4. You can’t move around in the scenario to hunt ducks.

5. I just dislike pretty much everything about this game.


Simpson’s Game –

1. The instructions for the game aren’t that great.

2. There really is no option to make it multiplayer and it’s supposed to be a 1-2 player game…..My brother and I spent almost an hourt trying to figure out how to make it multiplayer….by the time we figured it out we were mad and it wasn’t near as much fun.

3. The missions aren’t always crystal clear either.

Basically all I really like about the game is it’s name and the graphics are pretty good too.  I don’t think that I made two very wise investments but you learn from your mistakes right?  So I guess I’ll be sticking to the games I know I like until I get ballsy and buy another game…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cabela’s Big Game Hunter and my Chicken Shoot game…..Plus I really enjoy the sport games that came with the system it’s self.

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  1. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    Hey girlie, you need to come on over for a sec. Not sure if I did it the right way? You let me know!

  2. territerri replied:

    Cabela’s Big Game Hunter? My boys would LOVE that! I think we have that for PS2. It’s hard to remember, there are SO many!

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