Makeover Monday

I don’t know if I’ve said this before or not but I am one of three girls on both sides of my family.  So I am not real “in tune” with my inner “girly girl.”  Though I have been trying to get in touch with her for a little while now….I just don’t know how well I’m succeeding.  So I have decided that Monday’s around here at Bumps In The Road is going to be “Makeover Monday.”  You just never know what might show up here on Makeover Monday.

So today I’m just going to say that I’ve been in the process of growing out my hair.  I’ve been as short as Alyssa Milano at her shortest and shoulder length at my longest.  Right now I’m in a “weird” stage where I am trying to get my sides to grow out and meet with the hair on the back of my head (I hope that makes sense I’m writing this when I’m tired sorry if it doesn’t).  My goal is to get it to grow out all nice and long, like Alyssa Milano at her longest (just using her as a reference not my actual goal) .

Have a great day!

BITR Country Girl

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  1. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    What a great idea!

  2. territerri replied:

    Good luck with growing it out. I think the key is to not buckle under when it reaches the stage where you think you can’t stand it anymore and let it get past that point. Been there, done that!

  3. Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets replied:

    LMAO! I was just commenting on “A Cowboys Wife” and saw BITR!! Country Girl!! I laughed out loud!! Hey … we need to talk about a commision!! LOL!! I always call people by “Little” names! It’s fun and keeps things interesting!! My husband does too! (He did it before we met, so it was destiny for us to be together) He! He! He has a fella the works for him, hs name is “Todd” Trent has everyone callin him “RE-Todd! It is so funny! He is just used to it now!! So keep the BITR going girl!!
    SLMAO! (Still laughing My (You Know) Off !)

  4. Lori replied:

    Good luck growing it out! I try, but end up cutting it EVERY time. I wish I had the guts to go super short though. I would love to have really easy hair. But, I usually end up around chin length.

  5. Rusty replied:

    Good luck growing out your hair. I know what you mean about trying to let the sides grow out to the same length as the back!

  6. PonyGirl replied:

    Oh, I used to love Alyssa Milano, back when she was on “Who’s the Boss?” Hee! She has always had great hair. WIsh I had hair that color. I guess you always want what you don’t have….

  7. Gina replied:

    I’m so glad you’re growing it out! As my Mom always says…anyone can have short hair but not everyone can have pretty long hair…so true. I’m one of those who had long hair for ages but can now only have short hair because my hair got too thin to wear long. 😦

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