It’s Tirade Tuesday!

I actually borrowed the idea from another blog (Eight Crazy) but I thought I could apply it here.  Here’s my beef this week.  Last night we broke our clean streak at work AGAIN…..and our boss being young, new to our team much less our store did not seem all that upset about it.  When I tried to explain to her what was frustrating to me about the whole situation she got up on her high horse and flat out told me that if you guys want to go back to the old way of things getting done (our old boss was what we like to refer to as a military nazi….He was not pleasant to work for at all) that can be arranged and that we should be happy when we don’t come clean.  I refuse to be happy about this because it doesn’t make our team look very good and it definately doesn’t make our bosses look good at all.  I’m sick and tired of “the same BS” just a different day.

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  1. terri replied:

    You make me very grateful for my job!

    I hope things improve soon!

  2. Tina replied:

    I hope things get better

  3. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    Gah, that sounds like an incredibly immature way for a boss to respond…especially one at the company we both work for. She should have encouraged you to share/come up with ideas and try a bit of ‘teamwork’ and brainstorming. It makes her look a bit lax, too, right?

  4. Rusty replied:

    Hope things get better! Just set a good example.

    I agree with Southern Belle.

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