Tirade Tuesday

Surprise surprise it’s another work tirade!  i got to work on friday night to find out some pretty disturbing information.  Ok not so much disturbing as it was upsetting.  Last Tuesday morning before I was over working in our softlines department and one of our Albanian crew was setting a table of new product that they shouldn’t have been setting…..we’re not allowed to set tables because they are planogramed.  Needless to say, we argued about the fact that she shouldn’t set the table and she took everything off and put in a repack to be backstocked.  Then my boss came along and told me to go to our main stockroom and backstock H&B and she reset that table as soon as I walked away.  5 people who weren’t even in the building when the incident happened because they had punched out and gone home got there butts chewed good for something they didn’t do.

The Albanian’s have always been trouble.  Our bosses tell us that there are no favorites but 99% of our team thinks that’s BS because they can get away with “murder” on the clock and we (as in all the non-Albanians) are constantly getting our butts chewed when we try to get away with “murder.”

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  1. Mercedes replied:

    That sucks!The more you try the worse it gets-aaaahhhhh!

  2. Trooper Thorn replied:

    Not really sure what all the table setting business was about but I feel your pain. Work sucks most of the time, and yet we insist on going everyday for HOURS. I don’t even want to do things I like for 10 hours in a row, but I’ll go do a job I hate (and don’t understand half the time) for 10 hours.

    Where did we go wrong Country Girl?

  3. bumpsintheroad replied:

    I’m not sure where we went wrong Trooper Thorn but I’m not enjoying the current conditions that I work under….I’m hoping that things will get better as back to school season winds down.

    thanks for stopping by!

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