It is SOOOOOOOO Tirade Tuesday!

Well I know this is a couple days late but better late than never right?  At work on Friday night we came as close to clean as we have in the past couple of months.  We left behind 3 repacks of H&B to be backstocked at the store and 10 vehicles to be backstocked at the offsite warehouse!


To be honest with you all I’m in a place right now mentally when it comes to work that is basically what I like to call “Why Should I Give a Flip.”  I don’t get out of bed on Friday – Monday to be taken advantage of by my fellow team members because I’m there until 7 in the morning.  This has been happening to me and my fellow 7:00ers for over a year now and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I just don’t give a flip anymore.  I’ve addressed the issue with both of my bosses and one has actually tried to do something about it but the new boss has given me nothing but grief about my frustrations since she got here.  So I’m just going back into “why should I give a flip” mode and pretend like I care.  This is a very sour subject for me as you can probably gather from this post, you’ll probably hear something similar to this later on too.


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  1. Gina replied:

    I don’t blame you!

  2. territerri replied:

    It sounds so frustrating and defeating. It’s impossible to have a good attitude about your job if a good attitude isn’t reflected all around you.

  3. Devilish Southern Belle replied:

    Sometimes all you can do is not care.

  4. BrownEyedCowgirls replied:

    Kiddo-there comes a point in everyone’s life, where they have to realize there is only so much they can do and then you have to just let the bosses handle it-as long as they aren’t coming down on you for other people not doing their jobs-let the bosses take the heat when things don’t get done like they are supposed to.
    But boy, do I know the feeling you have right now…I feel for ya!!

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