It’s All About Me

Well I guess this is my “About Me” page so I thought i’d share a few things about myself with you all.

1. I’m 24 and still living at home…I’m paying for a car that I hate and credit cards (damn plastic!)

2. I have two dogs…Laci and Shawna

3. I am the only girl on one side of my family and one of three on the other.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE country music!

5. I learned how to knit in one 15 minute break at work.

6. I would love to own a Ford Super Duty but not with gas at $4 a gallon.

7. I have one little brother who annoys the hell out of my but I guess that’s a sibling thing.

8. I work the graveyard shift at my local Target store.

9. I am a shoe junkie….Mostly Athletic shoes….I do own a couple pairs of heels though!

10. I am NOT a neat freak….I wish i was at least a little bit but I’m not.

11. I used to be deathly afraid of cows.

12. I HATE broccoli, cauliflower and swiss cheese with a passion.

13. I’m a lefty in a right handed world.

There’s more but I’m only going to give you a few at a time so please keep checking back!



  1. notthepromqueen replied:

    Guess that knitting teacher was pretty good! I am the oldest of 2 sets. I have a sister and brother, 33 and 26. Then I have a sister and brother who are 11 and 12. I understand the sibling thing!

    Nice to meet ya – hope to learn more.

  2. Mercedes replied:

    Aaaahhhh~24 is the age! I want to be 24 forever-really! You go girl-knitting in 15 minutes! I love doggies! *sniff*

    I enjoyed your bio here!

  3. Lori replied:

    I’m a lefty too!

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