Makeover Monday….This week my “addiction” to hair dye

It’s Monday again.  To some it’s the beginning of the work week and to some like me and my brother’s fiancee it’s our Friday (TGIF to us!).  This week on Makeover Monday I’d like to discuss my “addiction” to hair dye.  I was 23 before I even dyed my hair the first time.  That first time I went to a shade of red called Burnt Sienna.  From there on I’ve been anywhere from Bleach/Platinum/Champagne blonde, various shades of red (for those out there who are thinking of going red it will cost a little bit more to maintain because it fades faster than most other colors…found that out the hard way.), brunette and right now I’m a bronzed brown that I’m really happy with called Brazilian Brown….It has some reddish highlights in it so it looks reddish but it’s not really.  If you look at my hair growth page you can see a picture of it….It’s the last picture on the page.

Have a great day everybody!


BITR Country Girl


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It’s Makeover Monday!

So last week I mentioned that I was in the process of growing out my hair.  This week I think I’ll share that I suddenly have a shoe addiction.  Not just any shoe though….Mostly athletic shoes.  I do own a couple pairs of heels though and I’m starting to feel more comfortable in “girly” shoes now.  My personal favorite pair of shoes right now is my pair of Adidas….they have been good to me and I just love love love wearing them.  So not really all that much to report this week but I can hardly wait for tomorrow which is Tirade Tuesday…I’ve got a goodie for that one!

BITR Country Girl

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Makeover Monday

I don’t know if I’ve said this before or not but I am one of three girls on both sides of my family.  So I am not real “in tune” with my inner “girly girl.”  Though I have been trying to get in touch with her for a little while now….I just don’t know how well I’m succeeding.  So I have decided that Monday’s around here at Bumps In The Road is going to be “Makeover Monday.”  You just never know what might show up here on Makeover Monday.

So today I’m just going to say that I’ve been in the process of growing out my hair.  I’ve been as short as Alyssa Milano at her shortest and shoulder length at my longest.  Right now I’m in a “weird” stage where I am trying to get my sides to grow out and meet with the hair on the back of my head (I hope that makes sense I’m writing this when I’m tired sorry if it doesn’t).  My goal is to get it to grow out all nice and long, like Alyssa Milano at her longest (just using her as a reference not my actual goal) .

Have a great day!

BITR Country Girl

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