It is SOOOOOOOO Tirade Tuesday!

Well I know this is a couple days late but better late than never right?  At work on Friday night we came as close to clean as we have in the past couple of months.  We left behind 3 repacks of H&B to be backstocked at the store and 10 vehicles to be backstocked at the offsite warehouse!


To be honest with you all I’m in a place right now mentally when it comes to work that is basically what I like to call “Why Should I Give a Flip.”  I don’t get out of bed on Friday – Monday to be taken advantage of by my fellow team members because I’m there until 7 in the morning.  This has been happening to me and my fellow 7:00ers for over a year now and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I just don’t give a flip anymore.  I’ve addressed the issue with both of my bosses and one has actually tried to do something about it but the new boss has given me nothing but grief about my frustrations since she got here.  So I’m just going back into “why should I give a flip” mode and pretend like I care.  This is a very sour subject for me as you can probably gather from this post, you’ll probably hear something similar to this later on too.


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Tirade Tuesday

Surprise surprise it’s another work tirade!  i got to work on friday night to find out some pretty disturbing information.  Ok not so much disturbing as it was upsetting.  Last Tuesday morning before I was over working in our softlines department and one of our Albanian crew was setting a table of new product that they shouldn’t have been setting…..we’re not allowed to set tables because they are planogramed.  Needless to say, we argued about the fact that she shouldn’t set the table and she took everything off and put in a repack to be backstocked.  Then my boss came along and told me to go to our main stockroom and backstock H&B and she reset that table as soon as I walked away.  5 people who weren’t even in the building when the incident happened because they had punched out and gone home got there butts chewed good for something they didn’t do.

The Albanian’s have always been trouble.  Our bosses tell us that there are no favorites but 99% of our team thinks that’s BS because they can get away with “murder” on the clock and we (as in all the non-Albanians) are constantly getting our butts chewed when we try to get away with “murder.”

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It’s Tirade Tuesday!

I actually borrowed the idea from another blog (Eight Crazy) but I thought I could apply it here.  Here’s my beef this week.  Last night we broke our clean streak at work AGAIN…..and our boss being young, new to our team much less our store did not seem all that upset about it.  When I tried to explain to her what was frustrating to me about the whole situation she got up on her high horse and flat out told me that if you guys want to go back to the old way of things getting done (our old boss was what we like to refer to as a military nazi….He was not pleasant to work for at all) that can be arranged and that we should be happy when we don’t come clean.  I refuse to be happy about this because it doesn’t make our team look very good and it definately doesn’t make our bosses look good at all.  I’m sick and tired of “the same BS” just a different day.

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