The Un-move

Edited at 8:30 – After trying 7 times to get to my dashboard I am COMPLETELY fed up with wordpress and will be moving back to blogger.  The new home address for Bumps In The Road is  it really ticks me off that I actually had to do this after saying I wasn’t but things happen and like I said I am COMPLETELY fed up with it.  Apparently the new 2.6 version of WordPress is having a ton of problems too.  I wonder if the wordpress “gods” are even trying to fix it or not?!

I had commented on a couple of blogs about Bumps moving back to Blogger, but that is indeed not the case.  I tried for almost an hour to upload a photo for one post and it kept throwing me out so I won’t be moving at all.  I was wondering if anyone else out there using wordpress has been having troubles getting into their blogs?  I have been having problems getting to my dashboard after I log in and that is what prompted the possible move back to blogger.


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