I was checking out one of my blogs that I frequent ( A Cowboy’s Wife) regularly and I found this post:  I’ve got some things that I need to think about and work on in the future.  I found these tips to be very informative and I’m hoping to get better about my commenting soon.


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Our Laci Girl

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A couple Craig Morgan pix

I hope they are somewhat decent.  I couldn’t get good pictures on the “night” function on my camera.

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Craig Morgan….Pictures to follow shortly

The Craig Morgan concert was great!  For those of you out there who don’t know who Craig Morgan is……He is a country singer who has some really fun songs out there for you to listen to.  The show started with an opening band that was NOT very good.  If they sang one more song we were going to need more beer bad.  At exactly 8:30 Craig Morgan hit the stage and started the show with “Little Bit of Life.”  Some of the songs that he played were “Almost Home” (I have video that I’m hoping to upload so you can “be there” with us.), “Tough”, “My Kind of Woman”, “Every Friday Afternoon”, “That’s What I love about Sunday”, “Redneck Yatch Club,” and “International Harvestor” just to name a few.  When Craig introduced his band the audience learned that THREE of his band members are from the great state of WI (Madison, Green Bay and Darlington)!  Totally AWESOME!  We feel bad for the fiddle player though….He used to work for Michael Jackson.  During the band introduction Craig was even making a video for Youtube (which is where you can find all his video’s for pretty much all of his songs if you search for Craig Morgan)….So little Darlington, WI will be on Youtube at some point!  The show was cut short due to inclimate weather though…When Craig played International Harvestor the ENTIRE audience was singing along too…..This show was at a 4-H/FFA Fair so it was and audience of farmers, country people, etc.  The sky opened up on us on our way to the car but it was totally worth it!

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A slight vacation…..

I’m going to be taking a slight blogging vacation after I post my Craig Morgan pix and story.  I want to touch up some of my photo’s that I’ve been neglecting since as far back as January so I can share them with you guys.  Have a great weekend for  me cause I probably won’t be considering how stressful work is right now.

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Random Photo Friday

I got the idea from Terri at Terri Terri Quite Contrary…So without further adue….Random Photo Friday!

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Dang Internet!

Our internet was down most of the day yesterday so I wasn’t able to get Wordless Thursday posted.  Sorry about that.    So instead of blogging and checking out other’s blogs I spent most of the day gardening and watching movies.  I’ve become really good at not doing much of anything on my days off which I guess isn’t such a bad thing considering I work my butt off while I’m at work! So tonight is the Craig  Morgan concert! I am SUPER excited!  Have a great weekend everybody!

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Craig Morgan!

My aunt, uncle, parents and myself are going to see Craig Morgan at the fair on Friday!  I’m hoping to get some good pictures to share with you all!

Gina, Laci isn’t much of toy dog.  She has a whole basket that she has yet to play with at all.  We might try it though because she likes food.  She gets plenty of walks….one a day for sure but sometimes more….It depends upon weather and fun stuff like that.

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Need some more Laci advice….

I’ve mentioned Laci several times on both this version of my blog and my blogger version of my blog.  Well Laci shows classic signs of separation anxiety, I can’t go anywhere without her or she sides by the door and howls and cries until I come back.  We had the peeing on the carpet issue taken care of for awhile but it seems to be back again.  I think it’s to the point now that you have to go outside with her or she won’t go and then comes in the house and goes on the carpet.  I also think that she’s bored.  Pretty much we got a second dog to keep our old (and I do mean OLD…She’ll be 20 in november according to the vet) from getting to “sluggish” but now we have two “sluggish” dogs.  Does anybody out there have any idea’s of things for us to try to keep Laci from being so stressed out all the time?  At this point there are no bad suggestions.

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In other news…..

My brother (Punk) and his fiancee (Punk Princess) are moving in with us for a month.  They are leaving a not so great situation for hopefully a much better situation. This means that yet again I have to share my bathroom and most of my stuff with them and for a year I haven’t had to share with anyone!  Should make for an interesting month for sure!

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